Tài Liệu Remote Install - Scania Multi, SDP3, SDP2, XCOM, BNS II Service Tool (BST)

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    Remote Install - Scania Multi, SDP3, SDP2, XCOM, BNS II Service Tool (BST)

    Scania Multi 10.2021 online (via remote desktop) 12 months - $135
    Scania Multi 10.2021 online (via remote desktop) 3 months - $59
    Scania Multi 10.2021 online (via remote desktop) 1 month - $35

    Scania Multi 2022 - $149
    Scania Multi 2020 - $75
    Scania Multi is a car dealership aftermarket service. The program contains a catalog for the selection of spare parts and electronic manuals for repair and maintenance. Scania Multi works by VIN code and uses only the last 7 digits to decrypt the wines of a bus or truck. In the program there is a search by the part number, you can find out its applicability, as well as get information about the re-release of parts.

    Scania SDP3 2.52 - $155
    Scania SDP3 2020 - $75
    Scania SDP3 2.51 2022 Engine Marine Industrial - $155
    Scania SDP3 2.51 2022 Truck Bus - $155

    Scania SP2, SD2 - $55
    SDP3 - Scania Diagnos + Programmer 3 (SDP3) software is designed for the diagnosis of Scania trucks and Scania industrial and marine engines. Connection to the electronic control units is done using the Scania VCI 2 or Scania VCI 3 interfaces. Depending on the version of the program, it supports work with all Scania trucks manufactured from 2004 to the present day.

    Scania XCOM - $29
    Scania XCOM - is a diagnostic tool to read, save, and modify ECU data such as trouble codes, parameters, statistic data etc. VCI2/VCI3 interface is used to connect to ECU via CAN protocol.

    Supported modification of ECU data of the following types:
    • EMS – Engine management system
    • GMS – Gearbox management system
    • RET – Retarder system
    • AWD – All-wheel drive system
    • CLS – Clutch Control
    • EEC – Exhaust Emission Control
    • COO (COO7) – Coordinator
    • BWS (BCI1) – Bodywork system.

    Scania Developer (CDEV - ECOM - XCOM) - $299
    Scania CDEV supports the following operations:
    • Read ECU ID, data, parameters, fingerprint.
    • Read and erase DTC.
    • SparePart program all systems.
    • Gather all data for field test functions.
    • Load, modify, compare SOPS files.
    Scania ECOM - is a program that, together with the VCI2, enables the communication between your PC and the control unit (EMS S6) on the engine.

    You can carry out the following operations with ECOM:
    • Read stored fault codes and Freeze Frames.
    • Clear inactive fault codes.
    • Read information about stored working cycles.
    • Measure internal variables such as the engine speed, pressure, temperature and save them to a file.
    • Program certain parameters.
    Scania BNS II Service Tool (BST) - $39
    Scania BNS II Service Tool (BST) is a PC-based diagnostic program for troubleshooting and programming of the electrical system in the bodywork of Scania OmniCity, OmniLink, and Citywide buses.

    Scania SOPS - $59
    The program encrypts/decrypts SOPS files (contains data on parameters and specifications of all blocks of trucks or buses). Files can be downloaded using Scania VCI2.

    Scania SOPS Editor Euro-6 2022 Unlimited - $570
    Supports EURO 6 Scania Sops File Encryptor/Descriptor.
    • Disable AdBlue
    • Disable EGR
    • Disable Immobilizer
    • Change VIN
    • Disable Nox Control
    • Disable Torque Reduction NOx Control
    • Disable Modify more than 300 other parameters and more

    Scania AdBlue Off Remover with short instructions - $45
    Need it? Write to me to discuss.

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