Tài Liệu TOYOTA TIS 2016

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    chào các bác
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    F12 chuyển trình duyệt IE sang 5 là được
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    Bác có thể gửi qua gmail giúp e được không ạ máy e dụng lượng không đủ
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    Hơn 20Gb sao gửi mail đươc
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    Xin chào cả nhà!
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    Hello. Sorry, but I don't speak Vietnamese (I'm from Russia). Therefore I will try to ask you in international language. Thanks for understanding. How to find the source from which the author downloaded these manuals? But not from the official Toyota site, if it is possible. Because most of those manuals weren’t downloaded entirely, so they don’t work normally. A lot of information is missing, and the JAVA & CSS scripts are not working properly. Thanks in advance.
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    Well, I resolved this issue. Every workshop manual working good on Windows XP SP3 x86 and Windows 7 SP1 x86 ONLY with Internet Explorer 5-8. The browser IE9 x86 (or higher) I did not tested because it's not necessary. Windows 7 x64 (or higher) has IE9-11 x64 (or Edge) and therefore doesn't work properly. The browser Google Chrome can not work with those manuals from the same reasons.
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    bác nào tải rồi có file vios cho em xin với ạ
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    cảm ơn bác nhiều nhé
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    cám ơn bác đã chia sẻ
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    Thanks a lot !

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    link dowload ở đâu ah
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    Pass là gì ạ?
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