Chia Sẻ Xentry OpenShell 2021.06 LOGIN OFFLINE+HHT+DTS Monaco+Vediamo (Acronis) UPD 11.05.2022

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    Xentry OpenShell 2021.06 LOGIN OFFLINE+HHT+DTS Monaco+Vediamo (Acronis) UPD 11.05.2022
    Release Year/Date : 2022.05
    Version : 2021.06
    System Requirements : The system will work tolerably even on very weak PCs, but when diagnosing fresh cars that require reading many blocks, such as W212, a PC is not needed.
    Otherwise, there may be disconnections with the car and the inability to connect to the car.
    - Minimum: Core2Duo, 4Gb RAMM, 250Gb HDD
    - Recommended: Intel i5, 8Gb RAMM, 250Gb SSD
    Interface language : Multilingual (Russian included)
    Tablet : not
    available: New build based on the STABLE version of Xentry 2021.06. The peculiarity of the assembly is that, unlike its newer releases, it has on board such important functions of Adaptations and Activations, which were so lacking for those who were chasing new, but less functional releases.
    Win11 PRO N was taken as the base OS, which is currently the most stable of all possible Windows and completely reconfigured for maximum performance while maintaining maximum functionality and compatibility with almost any hardware on your PC. The system practically does not require any additional actions and settings for your PC, except for installing drivers, if necessary.
    The image contains the entire basic package of programs for the greatest coverage of almost the entire range of Mercedes and its satellites, except perhaps for the newest ones that require access certificates or original authorization logins. If there are certificates, they can also be loaded into the system.
    Xentry OpenShell 2021.6
    DAS (Offline programming + all known fixes as of May 2022 applied)
    HHTWIN (runs without virtualization like original HHT), all connections to DAS work.
    WIS 10.2020 (Datamap and all Xentry/DAS connections are working)
    EPC 11.2018 (Datamap and all Xentry/DAS connections are working).
    DTS Monaco 8.16.015
    Vediamo 5.01.01
    Starfinder 2016 ETM (With wiring diagrams)
    Starfinder 2020 (Electronics location only)
    Add. Information : WI-FI on Road24 was intentionally removed from the assembly, as it does not guarantee a stable connection, and everything that does not work stably is not included in the assembly. You can set it up yourself on your own, but this is not recommended. Use Lan.
    This nuance does not apply to VCI adapters and SD Connect clones that have a built-in Wi-Fi point, they work without problems.

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